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    Manan’s policy prescriptions on the critical issues facing our country today.

    Focus on Jobs/Strengthening Our Economy

    Building a stronger economy should be the number one priority of Congress, but too often politicians in Washington choose to play political games – shutting down the government, risking our investments and the nation’s credit rating. That’s why Manan is focused on working with members of both parties to reduce outsourcing and create good paying jobs here in America. He knows that stronger fiscal management is needed to grow the economy, and he supports reforming the tax code to encourage small business growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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    Investing in Our Children’s Future

    America’s long-term competitiveness starts with a highly skilled workforce. As the father of two young girls, Manan is devoted to quality education and economic opportunity for all our kids. Recent cuts to education funding created a budgetary crisis for Pennsylvania schools, increasing class sizes and eliminating educational programs for students across the Commonwealth.

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    Standing Up for Our Troops and Veterans

    As an Iraq War veteran who served as a battalion surgeon on the front lines, Manan has a bond with the men and women of our armed forces, and a strong sense of duty to ensure they always have the equipment and support needed to achieve their mission as safely as possible.

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    Protecting Women’s Health

    Manan believes government and politicians shouldn’t interfere with women’s personal health care decisions. He supports the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v Wade guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose.

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    Making Health Care More Affordable

    As a primary care physician, Manan knows that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

    In Congress, he will fight to bring down the costs of healthcare to families and businesses, improve the quality of care for all patients and assure everyone has access to healthcare. He will also make sure healthcare decisions are made by patients and their doctors, not by government bureaucrats or insurance company executives.

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    Gun Violence Prevention

    As an Iraq war veteran, Manan Trivedi knows how important responsible gun ownership and gun safety are to protecting our communities. And as a primary care doctor, he believes we need laws to prevent those living with severe mental illness from possessing dangerous weapons.

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    Making America Energy Independent

    Most Democrats and Republicans in Congress claim they want an all-of-the-above energy strategy, but they lack the political will to develop a comprehensive energy plan to make America the world leader in all forms of energy production.

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    Strengthening Retirement Security and Protecting Medicare

    Manan knows that Medicare is the most successful part of our nation’s health care system. He will fight efforts to transform Medicare into a voucher program that would limit the choices seniors have in the doctors they can see and services they can receive. And, in Congress, Manan will be a strong advocate to protect Social Security and will oppose efforts to privatize it because seniors deserve the defined benefit they’ve earned after a lifetime of hard work.

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    Equality for All

    Manan believes in ensuring equality for all Americans. In Congress, he will be a strong supporter of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which prohibits discrimination in the workplace, and will fight for marriage equality for all.

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    Protecting Pennsylvania’s Environment

    Manan knows how precious our environment is and in Congress he will be a fierce advocate for keeping our waterways free from pollution, making sure our air is clean, and ensuring our forests and state and national parks are protected. He will also fight for preservation of our open spaces and farmlands and to ensure that all these natural resources are maintained for generations to come by emphasizing an investment in more clean, alternative energies.

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